Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Yarn Destashing - update MAy 2

For my anniversary gift to DH, I'm offering up a bunch of yarns for sale. Ain't I the sweetest? As with books and such, I prefer cash funded pay pal, but will negotiate for other modes of payment. In all cases, you get to pay actual shipping costs (which shouldn't include the box very often, because I hoard them). Contact me with the list of what you're wanting, and your zip code, and I'll get back to you with shipping information.

Here's what's available on my first pass through the stash (I'll be updating the pictures as I can).

10 skeins Adriafil Charme in pale gray (color 62 lot 8720) chunky weight, 47n, 50g, 40% wool, 50% Dralon 10% cashmere
List price $6.95 / sekin; Asking $40.00 for the bag

Lana Borgosesia Naptime 100% Acrylic 7/in 3.5 skeins pale lavender,
color 16002, lot 29520 50g, 250 yds
Asking $7.50

3 skeins Berroco Kid Fur (2 natural cream, 1 dark gray, 6st/in, 135
yds/150m, 50g/1.75 oz, 50% wool, 50% kid mohair

Asking $15.00 for all three

Gedifra Technohair, 100% nylon, 50g, 90 m, 5.75 st/in.
3 skeins white

List Price $12.50/skein. Asking $20.00 for all three

Lion Brand Homespun, 98% Acrylic, 2% polyester, 170g, 6 oz, 185 yds, 2.5
st/in 2.3 skeins Colonial Blue, color 802, lot 90404.01.
List Price $4.95 per skein Asking $7.50 for all

Wendy Aran Boucle, 100g, 75% acrylic, 25% wool, 3 skeins burgundy boucle yarn, color 707 lot 6725 gauge: 19st/4"

Asking $15.00 for all three.

Reynolds Lopi set:
1 skein Charcoal, 100 g 110 yds, 100% wool
2 skeins Lopi Light, 100% wool, 50 g, 109 yds, color 86, lot 5766 (light naturally beige)

Asking $10.00 for all three (obo)

Melody ladder yarn, 100% nylon, 825 yds, 6 oz, hand painted exclusively for Have Ewe Any Wool, color Intersity: light teal blue and lavender.

List Price $30.00, Asking $20

Hayfield Traditional Wool 100% Superwash wool, 50g, 120 yds, knits at 5.5 st/1 inch.
5 skeins French Navy
Asking $20.00 for all five

Coned Yarns:

Both cones for $25.00

WEBS Greylock wool, 1.33 lbs 2240 ypp, blue asking $15.00

Forselle Shalimar, 80% Acrylic 20% wool Color 32 "seamist" pale blue heather, The cone weighs about 3/4 pound, and the yarn is fingering weight or less. Asking $15.00

Sock Yarns: SOLD
I will sell entire set for $25.00 -which represents a discount on the already discounted prices), However, if requests for individual offerings come in first, I will take them out of the set, and reduce the set price accordingly - (and yes, the price went UP because I added new yarns to the pile)

Jakobdals Fidji, 55% cotton, 45% acrylic,, 50 g, 117yd, (I've been told this makes great socks),
1 skein red, (color 70, lot 7143)
2 skeins lavender (color 96, lot 47445)
List price $4.29, Asking: $11.00 for allthree.
(photo in needledncr's offerings at http://ph.groups.yahoo.com/group/knitswap/photos/view/ecd9?b=2&m=s&o=0)

Schoeller EsslingerFortissima Cotton Colori 75% cotton, 25% nylon 50g,
210 yds, 6.5 st/in, 2 skeins mint pastel multi (color 6, lot 34445, 1
skein pink multi (color 08, lot 343090). (photo in needledncr's
offerings at http://ph.groups.yahoo.com/group/knitswap/photos/view/ecd9?b=1&m=s&o=0)
Asking $15.00 for all three

Lion Brand Magic Stripes, 75% superwash wool, 25% nylon, 100g, 330 yds, color 203 (Purple pattern), lot 69, one ball, less about 5 yards. List $6.36 asking $4.75

Please Note: for Oddball boxes, the list price for the box includes all the yarns therein. IF you want to purchase something from an oddball box, I will sell it to you separately as long as no one has asked for the whole box. If I sell anything from the oddball box, I will post an updated content list, and will adjust the price of the box accordingly. The contents lists are NOT complete. I add balls to the box as I find them, and have only listed whole balls of yarns that are likely to be particularly interesting.

Fancy Odd Ball Box:

This box contains fancier odd balls whose list price adds up to more than $75.00, and some partial balls, including,but not limited to:
... Adriafil Cuba, 52% cotton, 48% viscose, 50 g, 110 m, Electric Blue
(Color 77, Lot 1)
... Baruffa Maratona, 100% extrra fine merino, 5 st/ in 50g, 121 yds
(110 m) black, color 85013 lot77816, List Price $7.80
.... Friends, Inc Mustachio, 100% acrylic furlike yarn, 50g, 1 skein
purple, 1 very partial skein bright pink. List Price $10.00/ skein
.... Madil Rumba, 65% acrylic, 25% cototon, 10% nylon, 50g, 104 yds, 5
st/in, Bright red w/ multicolor wrap, Color 387, lot 23181
......Trendsetter Picadilly, 91% Acrylic, 6% viscose, 3% polyester, 50
gr, 102 yes, dark green with multi suedey and shiney wrap
.... Berroco Chinchilli, 1 skein honey beige (wound into a ball), 1
skein dk brown.100% rayon, 77 tds, 50g, list price $7.50.
...1 skein mohair, not sure who made it,
-- 1 skein Babylon (list price $7.50)
-- Hand dyed wool, large cake
-- Additional cake of Wool
-- Patons Cotton Perle 2 skeins in pale yellow
Also currently included in this box are the following yarns, which I will sell separately if a request comes in before the box is sold. Should any of these sell before the box goes, I'll update the price of the box accordingly.
- One Cone of Tamm 3ply, 100% acrylic coned yarn, 1 lb, ~2500 yds,(will sell separately for $10.00, and will adjust the box price accordingly.
--Yarn Country Fancy Eyelash Yarn .23 lbs of eyelash yarn, List Price $23.00 will sell separately for $12.00
---Aarlan Silk 50% silk, 50% wool, 20g, 75m, 3 skeins lavender c 1828 lot 81365, 2 sk lilac color 1809 lot 80992 - will sell separately for $15.00
-- 2 skeins Granita 100% nylon 50g, 82 ys 4.5 st/in List $12.99, will sell separately for $8.50 for the pair
... Le Fibre Nobili Geisha Microfibra, 100% microber, 50g, 70 yds, 2
skeins pale blue, color 1952, lot 18842, List Price $9.95, will sell for $7.50 for the pair

Asking $50.00 for the entire box.

I do have individual photos of many of the yarns in the oddball boxes if
you want to see them more clearly.

Buyer to pay actual shipping costs (including packaging if I have to buy something in which to ship your order).

I strongly recommend insuring your package, as I will not be responsible for any loss or damage once I deliver it to the post office.

Discounts will be given for large orders.
I'm always open to swap offers

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